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A special thanks to my friends, and the other people out there who helped this site to become what is today.

White Wolf- Who let me use images, and drew all of the characters, for the adopt a character page.

White Husky- Who let me use screen shots, which makes up a great deal of the images used on this site.

Silver Wolf- Who supported me greatly during the times of hate mail.

Snow Wolf- Who also gave me support during the hate mail times, and helps out greatly with The Balto League.

Balto Wolf- Who made the White Wolf scene movie clip.

Acanis - Who helped to organize the Balto League, let me use images, MP3's, and more.

John Pullinger- Who let me use his AVI clip on this site, and has offered me tons advice and opinions. ;)

Josh- Who provided Balto 2 screen shots when I was in need of them, and offers his assitance whenever possible. :)

Kevin khoo Ying Guo- Who provided me with Balto screen shots from the DVD! :)

Kamotz- Who helped get the Wolf Quest Adoption page going.

And a special thanks goes out to everyone who visits this, site. ^_-

"Two bones says Steele takes him."-Kaltag