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Aww, leaving already? Well here are some great Balto sites to visit! If you would like me to add a banner for your site, please e-mail at silverhuskey_at_theicecave.org.

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Silver's Top Links:
Below are best Balto sites on the net! All contain original/unique infomation, attractions, and just about everything else that distingushes them from the rest of the pack! I recommend that you visit and bookmark these sites, cause they're aren't any others like them!

-One of oldest Balto sites around, and also one of the most
unique! This place features games, sounds, tons of artwork,
a Forum, a TLK & Balto comparison page, and much more!
this site is run by Snow Wolf, one of my oldest online friends!
Currently down and being rebuilt - Forums are open and
linked above!

-My Friend's site with full songs from the movie, a huge high quality
sound collection, Snow Applets, animated gifs, and a
mega-sized art gallery!

-Another original Balto site, and one of the very best. Home of
the largest collection of Balto merchandise, unseen images, the true
story, art competions and more! Also you find out everything you need
to know about Fluke himself!

-Although the site is currently incomplete, the webmaster Kamotz is
making a great endevor; An unofficial Balto WWW archive! When
it's complete it'll feature everything from scripts, to downloads,
all in one neat place. Best to keep your eye one this one!

-An extremely well presented Steele site. They only place
where you'll find tons of high quality screen grabs, special
pictures of Steele merchadise, and 3 mpg movies of Steele.

-This is the very first Balto site I ever visited. It's the home
of page after page of high quality screen grabs, sounds, and
cool links! A must see, if you haven't been there yet!

-Star's Haven is a well done site that focuses entirely on Star! In fact it's the only
Balto site around that is completely decicated to Star. Includes
screen grabs, bloopers, artwork, and more! and it even sports a
hip, cool layout.

Currently Down
The biggest site for Balto downloads around! This place has
Balto programs that even out do Busara's! Screen grabs, movie
clips, icons, winamp skins, wallpaper and more!!! You name it
Silka has it!

A Balto site with lots of interesting, interactive features. Includes a member area, nice downloads, and even a chat room! Lots to do here, so I suggest you go visit right now! It's home to one of the largest Balto communities out there.

Not directly Balto related, but still a great site nonetheless. You'll find reviews for dozens upon dozens of movies, along with summaries and images. The best part however is anyone can sign up and write reviews for their favorite animated movies.

Balto Source
-A comprehensive Balto site (both in English and French). It has information on all three Balto movies, and lots of interactive things to see and do.

- This is another great Balto site. Has great screen grabs, sounds clips which can be requested, and much more! The site also sports a slick layout. :)

-A new Balto site that shows a lot of potiental. The layout is organized and professional, it promises to be good when all of the content has been added.

-A Dutch Balto site that features a flash layout, tons of content and is all around fun to be on. The only draw back would be the fact that an English version isn't avaliable yet. Still I highly recommend this site for your Balto needs.

General Balto Sites:

*The Orginal Balto Website
-You read right, this is the original Balto website from 1995!
It features information on the movie, the movie making
process, and more! Needless to say, this is a must see!

*The Adventures of Balto
-An e-book that further explains what happened to Balto after the Serum race was over with. Extremely informative, even if it's not directly related to the animated film.

Balto Forever
-A newer Balto site that offers content of a different kind. You'll
find screen shots, September 11th artwork, original cel paintings
and editorials!

-A fairly good sized Balto site for the Russian fans, features downloads, screen shots, and more.
To Translate this site into English scroll down until you find the translation button...

-Another new site with lots of potiental! Currently features screen grabs,
sound clips, and the story of the 1925 Serium Run!

-A great new Balto site with downloads such as wallpaper, winamp skins, and more! It also sports a more unique layout than the average Balto site.

-The only and only Balto site that has information of the iditorod! This
place also has online games, artwork, and a cool dark layout!

Capture a Star
-A new Balto site with lots of interesting features, and even an award that you can win!

-The 3 Mile Mark, a new site with lots of original goodies, such as a quiz, and unique character descriptions. This site is a must see. :)

White Husky's Balto Page
-An awesome Balto site that has lots of high quality screen grabs,
great information and a few goodies!

Balto's Boat
-Great Balto Resource run by Cyberwulfe. This site sports info on
the true story of Balto, fanart, sounds, and the biggest collection of
fanfiction around!

-A simple Balto site with a long, but nice layout. Feautes include the movie
script, fanart, and more! If you go tell Wolfdog, Silver Huskey sent ya!

-A newer site with balto information, downloads, including wallpaper, winamp skins and more! Don't skip out on seeing this one!

The Northern Lights
-A new Balto site with fanart, fanfiction, screen grabs and more! Go visit it today!

MacKenzii Rial
-Another new Balto site with fanart, unique character discriptions, and even a forum that covers Balto and Wolf Role Playing! Yet another must see!

-A new Balto site with a nice layout, content, and more. Best to keep your eye on this one.

The Hybrid Caves
-Yet another new Balto site. It has a great layout, but the content is still coming along. Coming back every so often to check up on it, would probably be a good idea. ;)

-A very new Balto site, with a great layout and content! However, unless you speak Fin, you'll probably be needing a on-line translator for this one.

-A Balto and All Dogs Go to Heaven Fan Fiction site, which also includes a Role Play.

-The first Argentinian site dedicated to Balto, with a Jenna theme. It has a wonderful layout and great content. It also contains a few Wolf Quest sections. Don't let the fact that it's not in English deter you, it's easy enough to navigate. ;)

Balto's Legend
-A new Balto site with a nice (though familier) layout! It has no content yet, but promises to be quite nice. Keep an eye out on this one!

Wiley's Domicile
-A small but growing Balto site. It even has a section for you ADGTH fans.

Star's Homepage
-A small rather and rather personal site. Features Star and information about a few other characters. Warning, the layout isn't too easy on the eyes.

Wolf Quest Sites:

-A new Balto 2 site that has over 300 (over 700 actually, they're just not
uploaded) screen shots, MP3s from the movie, lyrics and a voting booth
to boot! Promises to be one of the best Balto 2 sites out there!

Aleu's Balto 2 Page
-A simple site that shows promise, has a few nice screen grabs. :)

-Another new site dedicated only to Balto 2! Currently features a few pages of good quality
screen shots, fanart, and more!

Aleu's Aurora
-The first site decidicated to only Balto 2! A must see for all Balto 2 fans!

-A new Balto site that deals mainly with Wolf Quest. It's still under construction but
already looks good.

-A totally Nava themed site with a very nice layout! Another good site to keep your eye on, as well.

-Another Balto 2 site, dedicated solely to Niju! It's kept and maintained by Grey Kitty, so I don't need to tell you that it's nothing short of excellent! :)

-A brand new site dedicated to both Balto movies and the upcoming third movie. Features fan art, screen shots, thoughts of Aniu, and even the German version of the Balto DVD.

-In addition to Balto and Wolf Quest information, you'll also find role playing here.

Spirit Wolf's Balto Page
-Yet another new Balto site. It's small now, but hopefully it'll grow as time passes.

Speciality Sites:

-An official Steele Fanlisting site! If you ever wanted to join a Steele fan list, I'd say Lead Dog is a good place to start. ;)

-This page features over a dozen background paintings, character
line art, and concept art from Balto! The load time is a little slow for
anyone not on DSL or cable modem, but well worth the wait.

-A new fanfiction only site! Looks good, except the background
was taking from Snow Wolf's site without her premission. :(

Balto's Realm of Fictional Tribute
-A site that only covers Balto fanfiction! Short stories, long epics, ect., whatever you're looking for
you'll probably find it here.

Tanabi's Cavern
-A new main/TLK mixed site, has midis screen grabs and more! Plus the layout is one of the bests I've seen in a long time!

-This an all Jenna site! Here you can everything to suit your
Jenna needs. From screen grabs and information, to rare pics
this site has it all!

-Okay, so this isn't a Balto site. But it does feature the anime known
as Silver Fang. It's never been released in the United States, so go
read up on it. It features a cool husky named Silver. ;)

Balto Communities:

Balto Groups can be found here.

The White Wolf's Forum
-The first Balto Forums to exsist (created by Snow Wolf), and still very active. Discuss Balto, Balto 2, display artwork and Role Play if you wish. Unfortunately the newer, ad free forums at Keyframe.com are down indifinitely. However, the EZboard forums are still in use.

The Balto Alliance
- Created shortly after Yahoo! Clubs became Yahoo! Groups. The Forums are run by White Wolf (not the same as WhiteWolf707). Unforunately, the forums have been inactive for the past year, but they're there if you wish to join.

Balto on Ice
-A Balto Community for Live Journal Users! Chat about both Balto movies, the real life hero, and anything else. Please note that you must be a Live Journal user in order to join this community.

TIB (The Icy Boards) Fallout Shelter
A small chat room on mIRC run by Longbow and a few other TIB members. mIRC: Server: cookie.sorcery.net, Channel: #TIBFalloutShelter

Yukon Chat
The offical chatroom of Balto Central. mIRC: Server: cookie.sorcery.net, Channel: #Nome

"I am not lost!"-Steele