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Below is a list and details about all of the sites currently hosted on The Ice Cave.org. With the exception of Fluke's page, all of the sites listed, are created, maintained and run by me. Please note that I DO NOT own a decated server of my own, nor do I offer free hosting. (Also, the artwork used for the Silver Style button is © to J3T.)

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Fluke's Tribute to Balto is one of the best Balto sites out there. You find images of rare merchandise, movie clips from the real life Balto, fun stuff and more. It's also run by my good buddy Acanis.
My second oldest site, and one of the oldest US Pokémon websites still on-line. Features tons of images, movie clips (50+), scans and more. I don't update as much, but the content will be more current someday.
Timon's Abode is a site dedicated to the meerkat and warthog from The Lion King. Not to mention the awesome TV series that used to air a few years back. It hasn't been updated in some time though...
I'm also currently hosting The Balto League's home page. You won't find much here except for links to the League and a few downloads. The site used to be hosted on Tripod, but we all know Tripod can be a pain.
My own my personal website devoted to me! You'll find all of my original artwork, fiction, essays and photos here. You'll also find all the gift art from others and commissions that I've had done over the years.

"What?! Polar bears who can't swim?!"-Jenna