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Although it took a very long time, I'm proud to say I finally have Winamp Skins! Thanks to a nifty winamp skin program, I was able to create good looking skins quite easily. To use the skins, download the zip file, extract the image, and save it to your skins folder, located in your Winamp folder. If you don't have winamp, it can be downloaded here.

Please note that these skins are designed to work with Winamp 2.0 and higher. If you have winamp 3, the skins will not work. However, the problem is easy fixed by downloading Winamp 5, as it supports all skin versions. As usual, you may not use these files for your own site! If you want Winamp skins, you're going to have to create them yourself.

-Polar Ice Caps, version 1 | Preview Skin
-Polar Ice Caps, version 2 | Preview Skin
-Steele AMP | Preview Skin
-Balto Steele Conflict AMP | Preview Skin
-Balto Steele Conflict AMP, Winamp 3 version | Preview Skin
-Balto Sun Burst AMP, Winamp 3 Only | Preview Skin
-Jenna Ice Caps AMP | Preview Skin
-Jenna Ice Caps AMP, Winamp 3 version | Preview Skin
-Niju AMP | Preview Skin

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