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Need to ask me a question, or send me artwork and or fanfiction? Here's where I can be reached: (Also note that a few of your questions may already be answered in the FAQ's.)

Ask me questions, send me artwork or fanfiction here!

-Yahoo Messenger: silver_huskey
I usually try to be around during the mid afternoons before work. However that's not always a promise. So if you see me on, don't hesitate to send me a line.

If you're a member of The Icy Boards you can also contact me through the messenger system there.

Gotta question but don't wanna ask me?

Q. What program did you use to make your graphics?
A. Adobe Photoshop 5.5.

Q. Yo Silver, how much do you pay to keep this site running?
A. About $25 a month.

Q. Can I use some of the pictures on this site?
A. Go ahead, as long it's not someone else's artwork. Or I say not to use them on that page.

Q.Will you add a link to my site?
A. Sure as long as you link to me, and i'm in good standing with you.

Q. Can I send you some artwork/fanfiction?
A. Sure just send it to silverhuskey@theicecave.org

Q. How come you haven't answered my e-mail yet???
A. I've been a busy husky, I'll get around to it.

Q. Who's in charge of this site anyway?
A. Err... I am, Silver Husky, AKA, Angela Moseley.

Q. Can you build a website for me?
A. Normally I'd say "no" but I do need the money. So if you're willing to pay me see the "Save the Cave" section for details. If you want me to do it for free, then I will not help you.

Q. You make other people buttons and stuff, why not me?
A. Either they are good friends, or affiliates.

Q. Can I be you friend in that case?
A. I don't usually take in friends without getting to know them...

Q. Can I use the HTML from your site to make mine?
A. NO! I worked too hard on this layout to have it ripped off.

Q. Can you help me set up my own forums?
A. Setting my own up was a pain, contact your board's maker, they can help you.

Q. Can you host me?
A. Sorry I can't do hosting. I'm only hosting Fluke, cause we're good friends.

"Balto's Back!!!"-Boris