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Hello and welcome to The Ice Cave! Here you will find some items dealing with the 1995 animated film "Balto". Although this site primary covers the movie, you will also find some information dealing with the true story. Fanart, clubs, free e-mail, website services, and other items are also availible on this site. This site is updated frequently (or at least trying to be) so please enjoy your stay, and come back every now and then.

Please DON'T use any material from this site, unless otherwise noted on that page!

Hurricane Katrina Relief: The effects of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast area has not escaped my eye. In fact, my thoughts on the matter can be read here. I've donated what I can, and if you already haven't and are interested in doing so, I urge you to also donate. Click on the Red Cross to donate there, through Amazon.com.
My Real Life Status: Curious to why the site occassionally gets so dusty? Well, if you want to know what I've been up to be sure to check out my Live Journal. If you have a Live Journal of your own, feel free to add me.
New Developments: Working on posting fan art, fan fiction, new graphics and other fun goodies. I'm also working some of the older sections of my site, including the Balto and Wolf Quest sections.
Planned Developments: I'm slowly updating my Wings of Change section. When everything is said and done, it promises to be a massive multimedia update. Screen grabs, movie clips, sound clips and a variety of other things have already been created and are almost ready to upload!

Balto League Chat Plugin: Past Balto League Quotes.

Strange Quote: "thats what we tell CW, keving, truth is Fluke ate the squirrel and we replaced it with a beanie... he hasnt noticed yet ." Acanis

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